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USDA Revolving Loan

Through the operation of a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF), Nishnabotna Valley REC is seeking to improve the quality of life in rural areas by contributing to the long-term improvement in the economy. The RLF is a funding source with a goal of providing low interest loans to assist with local economic and community development projects.

Our priorities include job creation and retention, diversification of the local economy, improving the education and skills of the rural workforce, and upgrading the public infrastructure to improve the health, safety, and/or medical care of rural residents. This fund is administered by the NVREC Board of Directors.

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Use of the Revolving Loan Program proceeds may be for land, buildings, machinery, equipment, or infrastructure improvements.

Learn more about the USDA Revolving Loan Program offered by Nishnabotna Valley REC by downloading our brochure.


The loan review committee and NVREC Board of Directors will consider the financial need of the project, probability of success, the security offered, and the overall benefits of the project to rural Southwest Iowa. Please view the complete USDA RLF criteria at the provided link.


Projects must create or retain employment or provide needed community facilities. Projects may also correspond to other needs in rural communities like medical services or educational services that provide training to residents of rural areas. Complete the application provided in the link below.

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