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Plastic Wire Coils

Member Services Department

Nishnabotna Valley REC strives to provide our member-owners with the best customer service. The Member Service team is available to help members with yard light repairs or replacements. NVREC sells energy efficient Marathon water heaters or offers rebates on qualifying water heaters. Our line crews and service department provide tree trimming services to keep limbs away from power lines.

Our Member Service Department is available by contacting the Nishnabotna Valley REC office at 712-755-2166.

NVREC is upgrading the load management system called Switch Makes Cents. While the NVREC member service team works to replace nearly 2,600 load management switches, some of the normal jobs that our service department is able to provide will be limited temporarily.


Selecting the right light will produce the results you want while still saving energy.

Yard Security Lights

Nishnabotna Valley REC members who would like to request a yard light be replaced or repaired can call the Member Service Department and schedule the install. Members also have the option of logging into the "NVREC Member Self-Serve" to request a yard light repair/replacement.

Because every members' situation is different, we do not list pricing for yard light repair or replacement on our website. Our Member Service Department will work with you to provide a fair and reasonable price, which will include a truck roll, the light itself, plus any additional material needed to install the light. Please feel free to contact us at 712-755-2166 if you would like to schedule a service call.


Marathon Water Heaters

Members are eligible for rebates on Controlled Water Heaters.
EF 90% and >=50 gal.
>=50 <75 Gals = $300
>=75 <85 Gals = $350
>=85 <105 Gals = $400
105+ Gals = $500
Contact the Nishnabotna Valley REC Member Service Group at 712-755-2166 to find out if you qualify for a rebate on a new water heater.

Tree Trimming 2019 (1).jpg

Tree Trimming

Before trimming a tree, check carefully for nearby power lines that may interfere. If you find one, contact Nishnabotna Valley REC at 712-755-2166. Touching a power line with a tool or tree branch can start a fire, cause a shock, or possibly cause a more serious injury or even death.

Nishnabotna Valley REC members who have a concern about tree limbs on or around power lines can also log into the "NVREC Member Self-Serve" for tree trimming services.


Only licensed, qualified tree trimmers are allowed to work near high-voltage lines. Don't risk it yourself!

811_Iowa One Call.jpg

Iowa One Call

Iowa One Call is a free notification service for locating underground lines. Iowa law requires any person owning a home, being a professional contractor, or private entity call “811”, 48 hours before excavation. This law assures the safety of the person digging and avoids the cost of repairing lines damaged by unmarked digging. Be Safe, Not Sorry!

Call Iowa One Call “811” or 800-292-8989 before you dig!

Nishnabotna Valley Rural Electric Cooperative will locate our underground electric utility service, including underground utilities to the transformer and/or the electric meter FREE. When time allows, the Cooperative offers the service of locating the member’s secondary electric service, including anything from the meter to your project, for a charge. Examples of member’s responsibility would be from the meter to the home, shop, bin, etc. Your cooperative also has no mapping records of the location of your secondary electric service.

Just remember – If you hit an underground power line, you could be fatally injured!

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