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Idle Service Fees

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As an electric cooperative, we are committed to maintaining a safe and well-maintained system. To that end, we invest heavily in building and servicing our distribution system. When members elect to discontinue service, the costs associated with maintaining service to their meter don’t simply disappear. Instead, they are shifted to the remaining active cooperative members. Inactive services also represent a liability and safety concern. Unused equipment can become damaged or weatherworn without notice, resulting in increased danger to both the public and our linemen.


Earlier this year, the board of directors voted to enact an idle service policy.  Under Nishnabotna Valley REC’s idle service policy, members who disconnect their service for more than 60 days are subject to an idle service fee of $18.00 per month (single phase), $23.00 per month (multi-phase small) $46.00 per month (multi-phase large).

Members who elect not to pay the monthly idle service fee are subject to having the service’s electric facilities removed at the cooperative’s discretion. This can include the poles, wire, and transformer feeding an inactive service. 

While there is no cost to the member to have the service removed, if a member elects to reestablish service in the future, the service would be subject to “new service” fees and any associated charges.


If you have an inactive service and wish to keep your inactive service in place, please contact the office at (712) 755-2166 to sign up for our idle service rate. Alternatively, if you’d like to have the service retired, please let us know that as well.

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Idle Service Fee - Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who is subject to it?

    • Any member who plans to be disconnected from service longer than 60 days.

  • Options:

    • Leave the service connected and pay the full Facility Charge: everything remains as is.

    • Disconnect Service and Pay the Idle Service Fee: The equipment will be maintained until member wishes to have the service reconnected. There will be a reconnect fee of $90.00 during business hours.

    • Disconnect Service without paying the Idle Service Fee: Risk having the service declared canceled and equipment from the site will be removed (poles, wire, transformer). If member again wishes to have service, they will need to reapply for membership and pay the "new service fees" (Aid in Construction) to have the equipment installed.

    • Sign off on ownership of the equipment: Is no longer a member and Nishnabotna Valley REC assumes NO liability for the equipment to remain at the property. If the member wishes to reconnect, an inspection will need to be passed, and member will need to pay their share of any needed upgrades or replacements of equipment.

  • Fee Amounts:

    • Single Phase - $18.00/month

    • Multi-Phase Small - $23.00/month

    • Multi-Phase Large - $46.00/month

    • These are approximately 50% of the full Facility Charge

    • Facility Charge: is the member's portion of the costs associated with having their point of service (poles, lines and costs to maintain them)

  • Why is there an Idle Service Fee?

    • Nishnabotna Valley REC invests heavily in building, maintaining, and operating the distribution system. This amount helps to offset the costs to continue to do this since the service remains.

    • Eliminate unnecessary idle services within the territory that have costs and liability associated with them.

  • What happens if the member did not pay the Idle Service Fee and the equipment was not removed?

    • The service will need to pass an inspection, and it's likely the service will need to be rebuilt due to the age and meeting codes. The member will need to pay their portion of this.

  • Billing of the Idle Service:

    • Will receive a final bill for the active service, and then the following month the member will receive a bill for the Idle Service Fee

  • What equipment will be removed?

    • Transformer to the meter point.

  • Delinquent Payments of Idle Service Fee:

    • Member will be subject to the equipment being removed.

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