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Holiday Cooking: Simple Ways to Save

Photo of turkey and pie on a table

Holiday meals are an important part of the celebrations you share with family and friends. All of that extra baking and cooking, however, can really add up on your energy bills. These simple, cost-saving tips will help you enjoy the festivities while trimming your energy budget.

  • Preheat the oven to the exact temperature required; preheating is not necessary for foods that cook for several hours.

  • Avoid opening the oven door. It wastes energy and lowers the temperature by as much as 25 degrees (F).

  • Use glass and ceramic baking dishes. They retain heat better than metal, allowing you to reduce the oven temperature.

  • Bake multiple batches of cookies or pies at one time to help conserve oven energy use.

  • Match stovetop pots and pans to the size of the burner to avoid wasting energy.

  • Cover pots and pans while cooking to prevent heat loss and reduce cooking time.

  • Clean burners after every use. A clean burner heats more efficiently, using less energy.

Slow cookers are an energy-efficient alternative for baking some holiday dishes. Microwaves also use less energy than conventional ovens. Save energy by reheating holiday leftovers in the microwave.

By following these measures, you can enjoy a happy holiday season and lower energy bills.


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