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Salute to Electric Cooperatives

  • Posted: 09.25.2017
Electric Co-ops Commit to Their Members
October is Cooperative Month

As a member of our electric cooperative, you are part of the history of how electricity came to rural areas of the U.S. in the 1930s and 40s. Before Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs) came on the scene, traditional utilities left rural dwellers in the dark. Read about how rural America was lit up by electric cooperatives

Our electric cooperative is a member of the not-for-profit Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives, which provides us all with valuable resources and support. This year, the association is celebrating its 75th anniversary by printing a booklet, These Poles Have Roots, which highlights the contributions of Iowa’s electric cooperatives. Below are a few tidbits from the booklet.

Iowa RECs:

  • Power the lives of 650,000 Iowans throughout all 99 counties
  • Maintain enough power lines to wrap around the equator two and a half times
  • Serve more than 80% of Iowa’s land mass, which means RECs literally cover more ground than other types of utilities
  • Supplies electricity that is more affordable than ever; the average electric cooperative household in Iowa spends about $5 a day on electricity; so for the cost of a specialty drink at your favorite coffee shop, you can get 24 hours of safe, reliable power 

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