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Energy Efficiency Features Home Buyers Are Seeking

  • Posted: 02.24.2020
Sandra Adomatis
Sandra Adomatis, Adomatis Appraisal Service

At the recent Momentum Is Building conference sponsored by our electric cooperative and other Iowa Touchstone Energy® cooperatives, the keynote speaker was Sandra Adomatis, a nationally known speaker-trainer on appraising energy efficient homes.

Adomatis discussed the importance of including energy efficiency features that buyers want and will pay for when building or remodeling a home. Some of these facts and features presented may inspire you to make energy efficiency an integral part of your home building or remodeling project. Including energy efficiency will help you save on utility costs and provide extra comfort for as long as you live in your home, and these features will also impact resale pricing.

  • 55% of those in the market for a new home say that energy efficiency would very strongly impact their buying decision. (The report also indicated that 20% of Americans are planning to purchase a home in the next 2 years.) *
  • Much of the housing stock in Iowa is older—Adomatis mentioned that the median age of housing in Des Moines is 59 years; the same is likely true in your community. This provides a great opportunity for retrofitting … which can boost energy efficiency of older homes.
  • The Energypulse* report indicates that 84% of homeowners say they know little or nothing about how to improve home energy efficiency, offering you a challenge to learn more.
  • A good energy efficiency home retrofit project may cost you upfront—you may even need to take out a loan to make the fix—but as soon as the project is complete, you will begin to reap the savings on your utility bills every month thereafter, even while repaying the loan.
  • From a 2019 National Association of Realtors Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report, Adomatis shared that the top environmentally friendly features consumers consider to be very important are: heating and cooling costs (33% of buyers), windows/doors/siding installation (29%), energy efficient lighting (23%) and energy efficient appliances (21%).
  • In a similar comparison, the Energypulse* report shares the features respondents most want to have in their home: garage (34%), Energy Star® appliances (32%), high efficiency HVAC (32%), water efficient toilets (31%), Energy Star certification (30%), granite countertops (27%), water efficient showerheads (27%), smart thermostats (one that learns your habits) (27%), solar panels (26%) and smart appliances (26%).

Contact us for more information about energy efficiency, rebates for adding energy efficiency features to your home, or the names of contractors who have learned more about energy-efficient building and retrofitting by attending our annual Momentum Is Building conference.

*Note: Many of these figures come from a 2019 Energypulse Special Report by the Shelton Group

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