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NVREC's Annual Meeting and Director Elections

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2018 Annual Report

The Annual Meeting of the Members of Nishnabotna Valley Rural Electric Cooperative was held at the Vet's Memorial Auditorium in Harlan, IA, at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

Every member has a vote in the cooperative business model. The member-owners are responsible for electing a Board of Directors to represent their best interests. The members also vote for changes proposed to be made to the Articles of Incorporation of the Cooperative. Currently, all votes of the members and tallying of votes is done at the Annual Meeting of Members, which is announced in several ways to the members to include a personal letter mailed to the member's home or business.

This year's Annual Meeting included the election of two (2) directors from Districts 2 and 7. Each to serve for a 3-year term. The candidates were nominated for Director by the Committee of Nominations.

Director election results for Districts 2 and 7 are as follows:

District No. 2: Galen Grabill

District No. 7: Darrell Stamp