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NVREC is owned by those we serve.

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Membership Applications

To receive electricity from Nishnabotna Valley REC, you must apply for membership. If you are a new member you may not be aware of the benefits of belonging to an electric cooperative, or if you've been a member for years, maybe you've missed or forgotten the advantages of being a cooperative member.

As a member of a cooperative, you are also an owner of your company. You have a voice in the operation of your organization through the elected representatives to the cooperative board of directors. These representatives are your neighbors and are also directly affected by the decisions that are made to carry out the business of the cooperative.

As an owner, you will also share in the success of the cooperative through dividends or capital credits. Yes, you receive a dividend based on the business that you've done (electric energy purchased) with the cooperative. Patronage dividends are returned to members on a 20-year roll.

You won't find a cleaner, safer or more reliable way to heat and cool your home than with electricity from your member-owned electric cooperative. Today's electric heating and cooling technologies are designed to provide comfortable, clean, and efficient heating and cooling at a price you can afford.

Download your Individual Membership or Business Membership today. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 712-755-2166 or