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Your cooperative is currently experiencing normal energy demand. No special energy saving measures are necessary.

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Sample Bill to Help Members Understand Their Usage and Charges

Our goal, as your electric provider, is to be helpful and supportive by providing the tools needed for you to be in charge of controlling your energy consumption. By offering a detailed print out of what makes up your electric bill, it provides members the ability to separate facility charges and other costs from actual kWh charges for the month.

Remember, you can have all of this information available to you on your mobile devices through SmartHub. Click here to read about the web and mobile based app and all of the features available to our members through SmartHub.

Below is a sample of how your bill appears. Click here for more information about the new bill print and reading your bill.

Sample NVREC bill
Sample NVREC bill

Please select one of the following links to access your NVREC bill.

Pay My Bill

Log on to Smart Hub to view billing history or pay your bill online.

Power Cost Adjustment

What is the power cost adjustment (PCA) found on your NVREC electric bill?

Budget Billing

NVREC's Budget Billing program lets you avoid seasonal spikes and smooth out the highs and lows that come with the...

Year End Consumption History

Obtain your Year End Electric Consumption History needed for your State and Federal Tax Returns. Log on to Smart Hub...