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Contact Nishnabotna Valley REC about repairing or replacing a yard light.
Selecting the right light will produce the results you want while saving energy.

Service Calls

Nishnabotna Valley REC strives to provide our member-owners with the best customer service. The Member Service Team is available to help members with yard light repairs or replacements, tree trimming to keep limbs away from power lines, and furnace or air conditioner services to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Our Member Service Department is available by contacting the Nishnabotna Valley REC office at 712-755-2166.

Yard Lights

Nishnabotna Valley REC members who would like to request a yard light be replaced or repaired can call the Member Service Department and schedule the install.

Members also have the option of logging into the "NVREC Member Self-Serve" to request a yard light repair/replacement.

We will ask that the base rate be paid before a representative from our Member Service Department will come out to install the new light.

Please feel free to contact us at 712-755-2166 or 800-234-5122 if you would like to schedule a service call.

Tree Trimming

Before trimming a tree, check carefully for nearby power lines that may interfere. If you find one, contact Nishnabotna Valley REC at 712-755-2166 or 800-234-5122.

Touching a power line with a tool or tree branch can cause a shock or start a fire.

Nishnabotna Valley REC members who have a concern about tree limbs on or around power lines can also log into the "NVREC Member Self-Serve" for tree trimming services.

Only licensed, qualified tree trimmers are allowed to work near high-voltage lines. Don't risk it yourself!

Furnace Filters

Changing your furnace filter is important for a couple of reasons. If you do not change it regularly then you are not getting the best protection. Your filter will become full of dust and
other particles and it will not trap the new particles that come through. This means they will be released into the air and you will be breathing them in. In addition, you will find that your furnace will run harder and be less energy efficient if your filter is working incorrectly.

So how do you know when to change that filter? There are some general guidelines that can help you out so that you are sure to change yours on time.

Do you have animals?

Animals are one thing that will affect when your filter needs to be changed. If you have multiple animals then you will change your furnace filters more often than if you have none. Generally those with multiple animalswill change a one or two inch filter every month. A four inch filter 
will need to be changed every two months and a five inch filter every three months. If you only have one animal then you can change that and change the filters every two, four and six months depending on the size of your filter. No animals means you can change every three, six and twelve months.

How dusty is your home?

Dust is another thing that can affect the performance of your filter. If you get a lot of dust in your home then you will want to change more often. For one and two inch filters you need to change once a month. Four inch filters can go two months and five inch filters can go three. Moderate dust will change those numbers to two, four and six. If you have no dust and no other factors then you change your filter every three, six or twelve month depending on the thickness.

Do you keep the heat or a/c fan on?

If you always have it on then you will want to change your one and two inch filters monthly. If you sometimes have it on, they can be changed every couple of months. If it is never on you can wait three months. Four inch filters will be changed every two, four or six months depending on whether the fan is on constantly, sometimes or rarely. Five inch filters will be three, six and twelve months.

Does anyone smoke in the home?

Smoke can be detrimental to the filter and will make you have to change it sooner. Multiple smokers mean that one to two inch furnace filters should be changed monthly, four inch filters every two months and five inch filters every three months. One smoker changes those
numbers to two, four and six. If there are no smokers then filters can be changed every three, six or twelve months based on the thickness of the filter.

Do you keep windows and doors open?

Since this lets a lot of dust and dirt inside, it can impact how often a filter should be changed. If the doors and windows are open a lot, change those one and two inch filters monthly. Change four inch filters every two months and five inch filters every three months. If you only keep them open sometimes then you can change every two, four and six months. If you never have them open then you change filters at three, six and twelve months based on your thickness.

A/C Services

We all know that we can pay our auto mechanics a little now for routine service, or pay them a lot later for a major repair. The same idea holds true for your air conditioner or heat pump. If you don’t service your air conditioner or heat pump regularly, you’ll eventually pay the price.

An air conditioner is engineered to withstand all sorts of abuse and keep on running. This can lead to complacency about maintenance. Air conditioners need regular tune-ups to run properly.

How to Maintain an Air Conditioner

Without regular maintenance an air conditioner loses about 5% of it’s original efficiency for each year of operation. This means that the 12 SEER unit that you bought just a few years ago may be functioning like a 9 SEER unit today! The good news is that you can recover most of that lost efficiency through regular maintenance. With regular tune-ups a unit will maintain up to 95% of it’s original efficiency. This means that the cost of an annual tune-up is recovered very quickly in savings on your monthly electric bill and reduced repair costs. A properly serviced air conditioner will also do a better job of dehumidifying your home.

The service check should include cleaning the condensing unit coils, checking the amp draw of the compressor, oiling the fan motors, checking that belts are well adjusted, and checking the system operating pressures and temperatures against the manufacturers specifications. One of the most important items to check is the coolant level in the air conditioner. A system that is only 10% low on coolant will cost about 20% more to operate!

There are some things in addition to yearly tune-ups that you can do to help ensure a high level of comfort and proper system operation.

  1. Buy good filters and change them regularly. 
  2. Keep bushes and other materials away from the outside unit of your air conditioner.
  3. Avoid closing supply air outlets in your house. In almost all cases, closing supply outlets is harmful to the operation of the overall system.

All equipment, even the most reliable, needs routine maintenance. Complicated equipment like today’s air conditioners benefit in many ways from annual service. They recover much of their lost efficiency, they are less likely to suffer a major break down, they have a longer life span, they increase your comfort, and they operate for less money.

If you would like to schedule a professional from our Member Services Department to come service your air conditioner, please contact 712-755-2166 or 800-234-5122.