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Nishnabotna Valley REC is in the process of replacing existing load management switches used in our radio frequency communication platform. Since the beginning of the load management program, called Switch Makes Cents, a member service advisor or a contracted electrician has installed and inspected existing load management switches to ensure that they remained operational. However, since the program began in the mid 1980s, new technology has made it possible and necessary to replace those switches.

The radio frequency load management switches offer two-way communication. Not only can your Cooperative communicate with the switch to start controlling load, but the switch can also communicate back to the Cooperative. Now, instead of your Cooperative estimating the load shed when we control, we will receive real-time data that the switch is not only operational but also how much load is actually shed. In fact, members can also view what load is shed online or with a mobile device through our SmartHub software.

Thank-you to our members who participate in the load management program. With your help, more than $477,000 in wholesale demand charges have been avoided. As a means of sharing in the savings, NVREC offers a reduced rate for electric heat, A/C, and water heaters to those member-owners that are participating in the program.

Over the next three years, NVREC Member Services representatives will be changing out nearly 1,600 switches. As most of them are located in basements near the electrical panel, members will be contacted prior to arriving at their home to set up an appointment to replace their existing load management switch. Once you have been contacted or receive a letter from our our office, please feel free to call us with any additional questions at 712-755-2166.