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Reliable Electric Service is a Priority

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Reliability is our daily priority. Maintaining a safe and reliable electric distribution system requires hundreds of hours of careful planning, maintenance, inspections, and system upgrades. For example, Nishnabotna Valley REC (NVREC) proactively tests our poles, lines, and electrical cabinets for possible deterioration. We also clear vegetation and trim trees near our lines and substations to help minimize outages.

During the past five years, NVREC has kept the lights on 99.97 percent of the time. Despite blizzards, ice storms, tornadoes, and other extreme weather events, the average Iowa co-op member-owner experiences just one outage per year, lasting 112 minutes.

To help ensure system reliability, NVREC continues to focus efforts on upgrading and maintaining infrastructure. Crews are following a strategic construction work plan which implements line improvements on both the overhead and underground distribution systems.


When storms strike and outages occur, Nishnabotna Valley REC’s crews in the field work to restore power quickly and safely to all members. Meanwhile, operations staff in the office work to identify outages, plan repair efforts, and keep members updated through the member service and communications departments.

To help ensure power is restored to members quickly, NVREC offers a variety of ways to report an outage. In addition to our 24/7 phone outage reporting system, outages can also be reported online through our SmartHub website and app. Members can monitor real-time outage information online at

NVREC also helps keep members informed during outages by providing regular updates via social media. You can find us on Facebook at and on Twitter at