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Appliance Recycling

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Nishnabotna Valley REC offers a $50 rebate to members who recycle their qualifying appliances.

Appliance Recycling

Recycling your old refrigerator or freezer responsibly offers a lot more than just a lower electricity bill.

Older refrigerators use up to four times more electricity than newer Energy Star® rated units. Many second refrigerators are used only occasionally or are not full, wasting even more energy.

If your refrigerator or freezer is 25 years old, it consumes on average 1,500-kilowatt hours annually. A new unit would consume 400 to 500 kilowatt hours annually. Recycling the older unit would free up this energy for other uses and lessen overall energy demand. Nishnabotna Valley REC offers a $50 rebate to members who recycle their qualifying appliances.

If you take the refrigerator or freezer to a qualifying landfill and get a receipt indicating what type of appliance you delivered, you may qualify for a $50/unit rebate.

Each member can recycle maximum of 3 appliances.

Responsible recycling ensures that over 95% of the components and materials of the discarded appliance are either recycled for beneficial uses or eliminated in an environmentally responsible way. Recycling also has a positive effect on your carbon footprint — Recycling just one refrigerator prevents up to 10 tons of CO2 and CO2 equivalent from entering the atmosphere.

Removing or replacing a refrigerator or freezer with a more efficient model could save you hundreds of dollars each year in energy costs. A new unit could literally pay for itself in just a few years. Nishnabotna Valley REC also offers a $25-$50 rebate to members who purchase qualifying Energy Star Rated appliances.

Most people think that keeping their old refrigerators and freezers saves money, but getting rid of them could save you more. Because of their high-energy consumption, older refrigerators cost more to run. The more old refrigerators in operation, the more energy Nishnabotna Valley REC must generate. High demand for energy means higher costs for everyone. When purchasing a new appliance, please look for the Energy Star Rated logo on the appliance.