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Each Fall several Representatives from Rural Electric Cooperatives in Iowa attend a Fall Fly-In to Washington DC. Here they are meeting with Senators Grassley and Ernst in 2017.
Each Fall several Representatives from Rural Electric Cooperatives in Iowa attend a Fall Fly-In to Washington DC. Here they are meeting with Senators Grassley and Ernst in 2017.

The Voice of Rural Iowa is Heard at the Capitol

Nishnabotna Valley REC employees and directors serve as advocates for the member-owners of your Cooperative. On behalf of our member-owners, we meet with and talk to legislators in the state capital and in Washington, D.C. We work closely with elected officials and regulatory bodies to ensure that the concerns of rural citizens are clearly heard in the legislative process.

Directors, managers, employees and individual member-owners of NVREC contribute to our grassroots legislative efforts by participating in the Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE), the political action arm of the nation’s electric cooperatives and Friends of Rural Electrification (FORE), a state organization supporting Iowa candidates.


Fall Legislative Meeting

Each November, Nishnabotna Valley REC hosts a Fall Legislative meeting in partnership with neighboring Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative. This is a casual meeting where the Cooperatives have the opportunity to discuss the upcoming legislative session with the Senators and Representatives in an open forum.

The annual fall meeting is usually very well attended by the legislators and it is a good opportunity for the Cooperatives to remind them of the importance of being able to deliver safe, affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible electricity to our member-owners.


Area Iowa Legislators meet with NVREC and HCREC for fall update on issues that could affect our members.


Welcome Back Reception

Each January, the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives hosts a welcome back reception for state legislators. Nishnabotna Valley REC takes this opportunity to meet with Representatives and Senators to discuss the upcoming session and talk to them about issues that could affect your electric rates. It is important to make sure we can continue to serve our member-owners with safe, reliable and affordable electricity.


REC Day on the Hill

Every March, more than 300 REC employees and directors from across Iowa gather in the halls of the State Capitol building to meet with legislators.


Federal Legislative Fly-In


Each year advocates from Iowa's Electric Cooperatives attend a three day fly in to Washington DC. The purpose of the trip is to ensure Iowa’s elected officials are fully aware of the thoughts and concerns of their constituents who are served by not-for-profit electric cooperatives.

Advocates are able to spend quality time with the delegation and staff of Iowa's six congressional offices. Information is provided to the legislators to ensure they understand how the decisions they make could affect your electric bill.