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Thank A Lineman Kids' Contest

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Each April, we recognize lineworkers for the amazing job they do to make sure we have reliable electricity. Stop and think about all the ways you use electricity every day.

We asked our younger members, "Do you use a phone, watch TV, play video games, help your parents make dinner, or help do laundry?" We reminded them that they are able to do all of these things because of lineworkers.

In 2021, we asked members to write a note thanking lineworkers for keeping their lights on at their house, and their names were entered into a drawing to win fun prizes from NVREC. Children and grandchildren of NVREC members were eligible to win a prize.

Congratulations to our grand prize winner Abigail, and thank you to all the participants!

Abigail sent in the winning "Thank you lineworkers" picture and letter. She won a bluetooth speaker from NVREC.
This was Abigail's letter.
This was the runner up letter and great picture of a lineman in a bucket truck. Thanks, Brody!